About Us

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House of Fertility & Healing, located in the heart of the wonderfully eclectic Newtown is a unique environmentally-sustainable, is a boutique urban module dedicated to deep healing, to the life-spark. This space is fuelled by the sun, rain & passionate practitioners with a special interest in your fertility, your pregnancy. We invite you to open the door, enabling us to usher you toward peak health, deeper relaxation, & increased ability to flow within the chaos of Sydney.

We support life and try to keep it real in the process.

This gorgeous clinic uses rainwater and solar power & is linked in with Marrickville Council’s innovative ‘Target Sustainability’ scheme which is about both social and environmental sustainability. You might like to pluck some fruits or herbs from the community garden down the side/front of the clinic before you leave.

‘I am very proud to be working alongside the very wonderful Kevin Redmond, Alice Yang & Martine Negro, each of whom contributes their own unique skills & style to the House. You can read all about each of us in ‘Our Team’. – Ngaio Richards