Bumps Births Babies Conference 2015

Red Tent Mums is hosting the Bumps Births Babies – Holistic Health Conference 2015 where some incredible speakers from Australia and around the world will be interviewed on the important topics of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and motherhood.

You get to hear about the science, discover new techniques and uncover ancient ones, as well as nurture your pregnancy, realise your birth potential and discover delicious motherhood. Sounds pretty good!

These interviews with inspiring and dedicated women who are experts in their field be be available online via a series of webinars between the 23-28 March 2015.

Anyone who signs up for the conference will receive FREE ACCESS to 21 interviews as well as 3 FREE GIFTS which include:

  • Free Gift 1 – E-Book: The Simple Home by Jodi Wilson
  • Free Gift 2 – E-Book: Educate Yourself by Dr Nat Kringoudis
  • Free Gift 3 – Website Membership to exclusive videos & resources by Dr Sarah Buckley

To find out more about the conference have a look at the video below.