Fly repellent, all natural and effective..

… last night in desperation after being harassed by flies all evening, we sprayed an anti-bacterial essential oil mix (containing peppermint) through the air. Miraculously the flies completely vanished! What a wonderful surprise! And we were shocked to realize that people spray so much poison around their homes to kill flies and who really knows what this is doing to us and our more vulnerable children/pets etc.. Anyway, a quick google search this morning produced the following:

Flies are bothered by the smell of mint, bay leaves, rosemary and lavender. THEY HATE PEPPERMINT OIL!

Here are some natural and toxic-free tips to keep them away


1. Mix 1 cup of water and 25 drops of peppermint essential oil and put in spray bottle. Spray around the house to repel them.

Above is an excerpt from:

Here’s to non-toxic homes! Ngaio