Heated Yoga & Pregnancy. Is It Helpful?


At one point I was teaching hot yoga as well as normal hatha yoga.  I was teaching about 7 classes a week in this hot room (28 degrees, so not bikram hot, but hot enough).  I had a great mentor who was working in this particular studio and I was keen to learn from him.  When they offered me classes to teach I jumped at the chance.  There is no doubt that teaching a dynamic practice keeps you fit.  You sweat and work hard and you come out feeling the rush of endorphins like you’ve really worked out (this really is a sort of gym yoga, for those that don’t want to go to the gym but still want to sweat).  But is this type of practice conducive for getting pregnant?

I’m often asked if it’s OK to do strenuous exercise when you’re trying to conceive eg. dynamic or hot yoga, gym sessions, running etc. My advice would be not to. Stick to all things gentle – yoga, walking, swimming are all great. We are trying to cool the body, calm it down and soften the belly (think of that beautiful round moon, the ultimate feminine energy). It’s about getting the flow going, the breath relaxed, the blood circulating – not practices that heat the body, tighten or strengthen.

When I finally realised that although it might be working on one level (ie. keeping me very fit), it wasn’t good for successfully conceiving.  I changed so many things in my life, it’s hard for me to say what it was that made it possible for us to have our twins.  All I can say is that when I finally did give up my heated classes I fell pregnant.  Who knows if that was it, but one thing is for certain I’m sure giving up the heated practice helped.

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