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Birth Right – Doula Services, Hypnotherapy, Prenatal Classes

Pregnant? Our services include: early consultations, doula service, Inside Birth® prenatal classes, birth debriefing, hypnotherapy.

Looking for a career change? At Birth Right we provide transformative doula training, and Inside Birth® Practitioner Training – teaching you how to teach deep hypnosis for labour and birthing, challenging your beliefs and learning to think outside the box.

At Birth Right, we believe that each woman ‘knows’ how to birth.

Our Inside Birth® classes and doula service respects each woman’s uniqueness, and inspires the integration of mind, body, and spirit through the values of trust, right choices and non-violence.

When this connection happens, it teaches self-confidence, deletes fears and allows ‘trust’ – to give birth in peace and with love.

For more information contact Susan Ross on 0419 606 171 or visit Birth Right and Birth Right Blog.

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